Mr. Manchia is a doctor as a doctor should be: very knowledgeable in his field, always seeking to treat the root and not only the symptoms of the disease/pain, a good listener and very sympathetic. During the treatments you feel that Mr. Manchia does not do this for any other reason than helping people. He really takes his time to talk about the problem and uses different approaches to treat the patient in an integral way. I came to Mr. Manchia with severe back pains which had been troubling me for quite some time. I was already in a process of accepting that perhaps these pains were now part of my life, which was not the most pleasant feeling. However, after only a few sessions with Mr. Manchia, the back pains are much less and I can do more intense sports again without much trouble. Mr. Manchia approached the pains from a physiological, psychological and nutritional point of view, combining both eastern acupuncture with modern scientific knowledge. Now my back is much better again and I am very grateful to Mr. Manchia for all his help.

I would recommend anyone who is in need of or interested in acupuncture and a good doctor to come to Mr. Gregory Manchia.