Gregory Manchia is an officially licensed acupuncturist who graduated cum laude at the Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Amsterdam. 

He learned TCM theory and techniques directly from renown Chinese professors and doctors, absorbing the know-how directly from the source. He learned to deeply appreciate the knowledge, practice, and soundness of the TCM approach to medical diagnosis and treatment, and is exercising his profession with passion, care, and seriousness.

In addition to 3 years of study of TCM Foundations and Acupuncture, his specialisation courses include: 



  • Western Medicine 2-year study course (Anatomy and Pathology, compulsory to operate in the official Dutch health system)
  • Managing diabetes with acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas and diet
  • Acupuncture for gynaecological diseases
  • The management of allergic diseases with TCM
  • The practice of Chinese medicine in accompanying women with breast cancer  
  • First Aid (compulsory to operate in the official Dutch health system).

Gregory Manchia is registered at the national Dutch Healthcare Providers Registry (AGB-register), and his treatments are therefore recognised by Dutch medical insurances. He is compliant with all the medical hygiene, safety, and security protocols, as well as with the personal data treatment procedures in force in the Netherlands.   

Gregory Manchia was born in Italy in 1971. He is married, and lives and works in the Netherlands since 2006.